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From the creators of azureus, we receive Vuze, a piece of software which put in our hands a huge amount of High Definition Videos and other kind of media.

Taking advantage of the power of the Azureus community, Vuze lets us use azureus as we used to do until now, but we will find more and exciting features.

From now on, we will be able to enjoy a huge catalog of High Definition downloads, well organized just clicking the 'home' tab. We will be able to see in a different way the download process, at the same time we see latest releases sent by other users.

Furthermore, Some companies are now launching their releases throughout this P2P net, so we will be the first who see them. Download and watch the trailers of the coming games and movies, and continue sharing files as you used to do with Azureus.

A great idea, a great program. Don't hesitate, join the Vuze community.
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